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Scots Sangs An Tunes Fur Schools

Traditional and new Scots songs and tunes
for use in Scottish schools - and everywhere else

My Grannie Went To Sea

[1 2 3 and A B C]

1 2 3, My grannie went to sea,

With a parrot on her shoulder and a banjo on her knee.

4 5 6, My grannie did the splits.

The parrot yelled “Murder”, and the banjo fell to bits.

7 8 9, They found a gold mine.

But the parrot told the neighbours just for old lang syne.

10 11 12, The neighbours helped themselves.

My grannie caught the parrot and she rang its little bell.

12 11 10, She rang its bell again,

And the parrot said, “Who’s there? Who are you calling hen?”

10 9 8, She told the parrot straight.

“You’re a polly-wolly doodlebug, You wee feather weight!”

8 7 6, We were all in a fix,

So the parrot chewed a carrot and my grannie showed us tricks.

6 5 4, My grannie found a door,

So we all went home and there isn’t any more.





[First verse trad, rest by Ewan McVicar]

A B C ma grannie caught a flea
She salted it and peppered it and had it for her tea.

A B C and D E F ma grannie went deaf
Goin to the football and shoutin at the ref.

D E F and G H I ma grannie made a pie
Bluebottle biscuits and bread-and-butterfly.

G H I and J K L ma grannie made a smell
What did she smell like? Not very well.

J K L and M N O ma grannie broke her toe
They put her in the hospital, they wouldny let her go.

M N O and P Q R ma grannie bought a car
She took us out for hurlies on the handlebar.

P Q R and S T U ma grannie caught the flu
Doin the Hokey Cokey wi a kangaroo.

S T U and V W ma grannie turned blue
We put her in the bed and we cried Boo Hoo.

But X Y Z ma grannie wasny dead
So instead of getting buried she got married instead.

I know ma ABC, but you know as much as ma grannie.