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Scots Sangs An Tunes Fur Schools

Traditional and new Scots songs and tunes
for use in Scottish schools - and everywhere else

Scots Tunes For P4+

Kinds of Scottish tunes include Reels, Strathspeys and Jigs [these are all using for kinds of dances], Slow Airs and Marches.

Kinds of Scottish musical instruments include the Clarsach [a small harp], the  Fiddle, the Bagpipes, and the Accordion.

To learn more about kinds of tunes and instruments go to this page.

One Version Only

Earl Grey [strathspey] - fiddle and piano

Farewell To Whisky [slow air] - fiddle and piano

John MacAlpine [strathspey] - fiddle and piano

Locheil's Awa Tae France [reel] - fiddle

Merrily Danced The Quaker [jig] - accordion

Orange and Blue [strathspey] - panpipes and drum

The Bloody Fields Of Flanders [march] - bagpipes

The Cock O The North [march] - bagpipes

The Cradle Song [lullaby] & The Barren Rocks Of Aden [march] - fiddle and piano 

The Hen's March To The Midden [march] - fiddle and piano

The Merry Boys Of Greenland [reel] - fiddle orchestra

The Soldier's Joy [jig] - fiddle orchestra

The Sticky Jig [jig] - harp

The Trows Of Truggles Water [jig] - band

The Warlock [strathspey] - fiddle orchestra

Multiple Versions 

- so instruments and styles can be compared

Largo Fairy Dance [reel]

fiddle orchestra 

fiddle and guitar 

bagpipes and group

Mrs MacLeod Of Raasay [reel]

- harp

fiddle and piano

panpipes and drum

cantarach singing

The High Road To Linton [reel]

bagpipes and group



fiddle and guitar