Scots Sangs Fur Schools

Traditional and new Scots songs for use in Scottish schools

another bathgate song


By P 6&5

Tune: I Ziga Zumba, from South Africa

British Leyland trucks and tractors
Built in Bathgate factory
We found pictures, we wrote stories
On our website, come and see

They were sold to different countries
Finland, Sweden, Russia ya ya
Kenya, Ghana and Uganda
Argentina and Brazil zil zil

In the 60s and the 70s
Bathgate was a vibrant town
People worked in the plant
From the places all around

Blackburn, Whitburn and Linlithgow
Ladywell and Livingston tun tun
Boghall, Uphall and Torphichen
Addiewell and Armadale dale dale

Before 1961
On the site there was a farm
Where they built the massive plant
In 86 there came alarm

There was a sad announcement
“We are going to shut you down down down!”
When the workers heard the bad news
There were frowns all round the town town town

The workers tried to save it
They held protests, they sat in
But their hard work was in vain
They felt angry, they were glum

Then there came a giant car park
Where the factory had been been been
Till at last they built a village
And again the place was green green green

In the year two oh oh seven
Oh seven, oh seven
They built a school called Simpson’s
Our brilliant primary