Scots Sangs Fur Schools

Traditional and new Scots songs for use in Scottish schools


Ewan McVicar visited P6/7, Miss Green’s class, Auchenraith Primary, Blantyre, on the 11th and 18th September, 2012.

First we made some excellent new verses for
The World Must Be Coming To An End
We sent her for a pear
But she got it in her hair

We sent her for a grape
She came back a funny shape

We sent her for spaghetti
She met her auntie Betty

We sent her for soap
She got chucked oot the shoap

Then we made a new verse for
Bananas Are The best

They give you energy – banana!
Better than a cup of tea – banana!
Helps you learn your ABC – banana!
Canna have a banana?

Then we wrote a new song about Annie Cosgrove, who was born in Blantyre about 1900. It was her singing of a song about the 1877 Blantyre coalmine explosion when over 200 men died that made the song famous. The new song will be sung at a concert in Blantyre on 27th September, and will be added to the Collier Tracks website.
The tune of the song is a slow version of Bobby Shafto.

Annie Cosgrove, do you know
Was born in Blantyre long ago
Sang a sad song of the coal
Sad Annie Cosgrove

It was about an accident
Down the pit the miners went
Around the world the news was sent
Sad Annie Cosgrove

Way down deep under the ground
The miners heard an explosive sound
Bits of people flew around
Sad Annie Cosgrove

All the women of Blantyre
Cried ‘Is it a bomb, is it a fire?’
The word went all round Lanarkshire
Sad Annie Cosgrove

Two hundred men or more
Stepped that day through death’s door
Wives and daughter sad and sore
Sad Annie Cosgrove

The men that survived must have been strong
Then somebody wrote a song
That Annie learned and sang along
Sad Annie Cosgrove

She sailed to Canada across the sea
There she worked busily
And sang her song to everybody
Sad Annie Cosgrove

She came home to live in Nitten
In a book the song was written
It got famous all around Britain
Sad Annie Cosgrove