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Scots Sangs An Tunes Fur Schools

Traditional and new Scots songs and tunes
for use in Scottish schools - and everywhere else

Bananas Are The Best

Bananas Are the Best

Banana, banana, bananas are the best 
A nice squishy middle in a big yella vest 
Today or manãna, ah'll be sayin, "Canna 
Canna have a banana?"

What am ah gonny have fur ma tea? – BANANA
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Fridee – BANANA
What’s ma Sunday dinner gonna be?-  BANANA 
Canna have a banana?

Fifty million monkeys can't be wrong - BANANA 
From totie wans tae Old King Kong - BANANA 
They all love tae sing this song - BANANA 
Canna have a banana?

You can slid down a tree on the skin 
Wear it on your head fur a hat 
Try and use a coackienut for that 
Canna have a banana?

You can stick it in yer ear fur a phone
Throw it to yer dog fur a bone
Buy me a jungle o my own
Canna have a banana?

It's long and it's yella and it's bent 
The taste is heaven sent 
Don't waste your money on yer rent 
Canna have a banana? 

Words by Ewan McVicar, tune African