Scots Sangs Fur Schools

Traditional and new Scots songs for use in Scottish schools

p4/5 acorns song

Acorns and muddy smells
Trees and jaggy conkers
Leaves and clouds
Hot chocolate and fire

Beautiful colours in the leaves above us
Noisy leaves crunching down below
They change colours, red and yellow
Pine trees sway, back and forth they go

Toys in the back garden falling over
Water on the trampoline, damp squidgy ground
The geese and the ducks go honking over us
Squirrels sleeping in the safe and sound

Gorgeous smells coming from the cooker
Amazing lentil soup to sup
Lovely chocolate with whipped cream in it
Marshmallows waiting to hop on top

The nice warm feeling of a woolly jumper
Knitted by my nana just for me
A crackling fire, that's my desire
And a crunchy apple crumble for my tea