Scots Sangs Fur Schools

Traditional and new Scots songs for use in Scottish schools


Here are more songs we wrote with Ewan McVicar.

BY P4 & 5 

We made lots of new verses for

The World Must Be Coming To An End

 We sent her for milk and she ripped her kilt

We sent her for chocolate and it melted in her pocket

We sent her for strawberries and she came back slobbery
We sent her for bananas and she ended up in Ghana

We sent her for a soda and she came back in a coma

We sent her for a monster truck, she came back with a rubber duck

We sent her for a biscuit but she didny want tae risk it

We sent her for some braces, she came back with different faces


 BY P 6&5

We made some new verses for Murder Mighty Murder In The School, then we used the same tune to make a song about the disasters in Japan

There came a major earthquake to Japan
A mighty wave washed away the land
It’s called a tsunami
It caught so many grannies
And buried them underneath the sand

I saw it on Newsround on T.V.
A real sadness flooded over me
It was a terrible day
They began to float away
The houses and the cars and the trees