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Here Comes Bobbin John

Tune: Come Ye Ower Frae France

Here comes Bobbin John, and the Heiland Army,
Marching past Greenloaning, all battle ready,
At the Gathering Stone, they will sharp their swords,
On to Sheriffmuir, marching in good order,
Here comes Bobbin John.

Bobbin John's clans, eight thousand Jacos,
Scruffy sweaty lads, in their dull grey clothing,
Tired grubby men, proud in tartan plaids,
Set to charge and win, never on parade,
Here comes Bobbin John.

Campbell of Argyll, he's come up from Stirling,
Half as many redcoats, but they're seasoned soldiers.
Powder horns and muskets, bayonets so sharp,
And they've cavalry, ridin high and smirkin,
Here comes Bobbin John.

Left line of the clans, charged and drew their broadswords,
But the cavalry chased them to Greenloaning,
By the River Allan many of them died,
While the brave Rob Roy watched them from on high,
Here comes Bobbin John.

Right line of the clans, they did so much better,
Made the redcoats run, stabbed and slashed and slaughtered.
Chased them through Dunblane, and through Bridge of Allan,
Back to Stirling Brig, in a fearful panic.
Here comes Bobbin John.

Bodies everywhere, highlanders and redcoats,
Some of them were dead, some of them still living,
But the local folk did not come to help them,
Stole their oatmeal bags, because they were so hungry.
Here comes Bobbin John.

Who can say who won? Who can say who lost?
Mothers, wives and children, they will count the cost.
Cheer for Bobbin John. Cheer for Argyll Campbell.
Whisper of the dead, whisper of the shambles.
Here comes Bobbin John.

This song was written by P6, Borestone Primary, Stirling, With Ewan McVicar for the Tolbooth Project, about the 1715 Battle of Sheriffmuir. The Jacobite Highland army was led by John Erskine, 11th Earl of Mar, nicknamed 'Bobbin John' because of his changes of political position. The Government forces were led by John Campbell, 2nd Duke of Argyll.