Scots Sangs Fur Schools

Traditional and new Scots songs for use in Scottish schools

the Bonny Wee Barra 

The background songs on this page are The Bonny Wee Barra, A Wee Bird Cam, and Rabbie Burns The Diver.

The Bonny Wee Barra
[tune British Grenadiers]

Ma Auntie Jean frae Greenock came,
Alang wi ma Auntie Lizzie
They said, "The trains is bad this year
They used tae be less busy".
They gave me a penny tae buy some rock
But ah met wi wee O'Hara
He said "Gie me a sook o yer rock
And ah'll gie ye a hurl in ma barra".

Oh, the bonny wee barra's mine
It doesny belang tae O'Hara
Cause the fly wee bloke, he stuck tae ma rock
And ah'm gaunny stick tae his barra.