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Scots Sangs An Tunes Fur Schools

Traditional and new Scots songs and tunes
for use in Scottish schools - and everywhere else

The Bonny Ship The Diamond

The Diamond is a ship, ma lads, for the Davis Strait she's bound,
And the quay it is aa garnished wi bonnie lassies round.
Captain Thomson gives the order tae sail the oceans high,
Where the sun it never sets, ma lads, nor darkness dims the sky.

And it's cheer up, ma lads, let yer hearts never fail.
When the bonnie ship The Diamond goes a-fishing for the whale.

Along the quays at Peterheid the lassies stand aroond,
Their shawls all pulled aboot them and the salt tears rinnin doon.
Oh, don't you weep, my bonnie lass, though ye'll be left behind.
For the rose will grow on Greenland's ice before we change our mind.

Here's a health tae the Resolution, likewise the Eliza Swann,
Here's a health tae the Battler O Montrose, and the Diamond ship o fame.
We wear the troosers o the white, an the jaickets o the blue,
When we return tae Peterheid we'll be sweethairts wi you.

It'll be bright baith day and night when the Greenland lads come hame,
Wi a ship that's full of oil, ma boys, and money tae oor name.
Here's a health unto the Diamond bright, the skipper and the crew,
Here's a health tae every bonnie lass that has a heart so true.