Scots Sangs Fur Schools

Traditional and new Scots songs for use in Scottish schools

lucky the laddie

This song was written in 2010 by Gill Bowan with West Lothian pupils at Holy Family RC Primary, Winchburgh,as part of the Shale Villages project organised by John Holt of the Shale Oil Museum and Nancy Douglas , Cultural Co-ordinator, West Lothian Council.  

It is sung here by Carmondean Folkscene.

Lucky laddie, lucky laddie
Lucky the laddie that gets a start
At the Candle House in Broxburn,
Lucky the laddie that’s quick and smart
And gets a job like that.

1.Lucky the laddie that sweeps the floor
And brings the tea tae the workers’ door
Lucky the laddie that’s quick and smart and gets a job like that. CHORUS

                2.Lucky the laddie that tips the pail
                Of paraffin wax we got from the shale

3.Lucky the boy that makes the candles
Pushing the pistons, turning the handles

               4.He’s the one that wraps them in paper
               Examining every candle and taper

5.We need somebody to paint the gold
Grease the machine and clean the mould

              6.He’s the one that has tae hold
              The thingummyjig until he’s old

From an original composition by Gill Bowman with children of Holy Family Primary, Winchburgh, arranged for Carmondean Folkscene, by Liz Reid.