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Traditional and new Scots songs for use in Scottish schools

carse of gowrie songs -  a 2009 songmaking project

The On The Hoof project resulted from a 2008 week of songmaking that Christine Kydd and Ewan McVicar undertook with the young people of Double Dykes travellers’ campsite. One of the songs made there was Time For Traivellers. Among the Double Dykes young people were grandchildren of famous Scots storytellers Duncan Williamson and Willie MacPhee.
Jenn Minchin of Horsecross organised the Double Dykes songmaking, and in discussion she, Christine and Ewan then developed a 2009 songmaking project with the six schools in the Carse of Gowrie between Perth and Dundee. The songs would use traditional tunes, and the lyrics would in part tell about the lives of the schools’ communities, but also about the lives of travellers.
A special feature was that Ewan told each school a different traditional story from the repertoire of Duncan and Willie, and a class in each school then wrote a song based on their story.
St Madoes’ Story Song is about The Hedgehurst, half a man and half a hedgehog. They also wrote songs about a Disgusting Swamp and The Solar System.
Inchture wrote their Story Song, the Nine Horse Stall, about a boy who gets magic helpers. They also wrote Power Cut and Chocolate Land.
Abernyte’s Story Song is called The Three Feathers, about three brothers on a quest. Other songs included the Snow Protest Song and John Milton’s Arm.
Invergowrie’s Old Man of the Forest Story Song is about kindness to birds rewarded. Other songs by them include Invergowrie Bay and Here I Am.
Longforgan’s Story Song was about a Magic Pot that sang Deedle Doddle. Their other songs included This is Our Longforgan and Daphne Cochrane.
Errol’s Story Song is about a Magic Beard and a very greedy dwarf. Their other songs included Building a Bender Tent and Making a Willow Basket.
In addition, many new verses were made by different classes for songs they enjoyed, including Bananas Are the Best, When I Was Single, The World Must Be Coming to an End and My Girl’s a Corker.
Each school has recorded their songs and created their own CD. Most of the songs are also gathered together for an On The Hoof CD for Horsecross.

To see a programme with all the song lyrics press here.