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Scots Sangs An Tunes Fur Schools

Traditional and new Scots songs and tunes
for use in Scottish schools - and everywhere else

Friday Barney

Where are you going, what are you doing?

When are you going to be back?

Get that make-up off, get those legs covered up,

You are not going out dressed like that!

Oh come off it Dad, won't you gimme a break,

Are you just going to get off my back?

Just open your wallet and gimme some dosh,

And don't give us none of your crack.

I'm not goin drinkin, I won't have a smoke,

And the boys will be kept out the way,

So give us the money, I'm going to a club

'Cos Friday's the night for a rave.

Don't give us yer cheek, lady, up to your room,

I don't want any more of your lip.

Till your attitude changes, you're going no-where,

It is time, madam, you got a grip.

This isn't fair, you're ruining my life,

My social life doesn't exist,

Everyone else will be out there tonight,

You can't keep me locked up like this!

I'll stamp and I'll scream and I'll cry and I'll cry,

I'm an adult, I'll do what I like,

So please can I, please can I, please can I,

Please can I, please can I go out tonight?

I'm the boss of this family, you'll do as I say,

In this house you will follow my rules,

So forget about dancing and music and boys,

It's Eastenders and Corrie for you!

Don't start with the tears and that big petted lip,

There's no point in you crying tonight.

OK, settle down, and go ask your mum,

If she says it's OK, that's all right.

OK, settle down, and go ask your mum,

If she says it's OK, that's all right.

Many teenage girls, and many parents, will recognise this conversation.

This track comes from a CD called The Actions of Youth, one of several CDs created by the New Makars Trust through their South Lanarkshire Songlines project organised by songmaker Billy Stewart.