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Scots Sangs An Tunes Fur Schools

Traditional and new Scots songs and tunes
for use in Scottish schools - and everywhere else

Going Home To Glasgow


I'm going home to Glasgow, its face is on my mind

Its laugh is loud and gallus, its arms are warm and kind

I need tae feel the ground underneath my feet

And hear the Glasgow sounds in the people that I meet

We're over Beattock Summit, we wave a winning fist

We're racing down the valley where the silver river twists

And now I hear the sound I know I'm Glasgow bound

The tyres are singing sweeter as the sun strikes through the mist

The rails are reaching downwards, they point across the plain

The miles I owe to Glasgow friends are running through my brain

The restless engine glides towards the valley of the Clyde

With half-a-thousand homeward bound on the London-Glasgow train

We soared above the Borders, the white clouds down below

We caught the winding coastline in the early sunset glow

We're sliding down the sky, the green hills in our eye

We swing around the city and we skim the river low

Coming home - by train, by rail, by plane, the feeling of pleasure is the same. 

P6, St Timothy's Primary, Glasgow, made a CD of this song and 'The Children of the City of St Mungo', another song made by Ian Davison. They sold the CD to raise funds for a South African charity.

Ian Davison was of course a Glasgwegian. He was a prolific and very able songwriter, whose songs are sung and recorded very widely.