Scots Sangs An Tunes Fur Schools

Traditional and new Scots songs and tunes
for use in Scottish schools - and everywhere else

Hornpipes And Waltzes

Popular dance forms include hornpipes, two steps, barn dances, waltzes and other couple and set dances that have come in and out of fashion over the years.

Hornpipes are particularly associated with the Lowlands of Scotland, and are often played on the concertina, the fiddle or the pipes.

'The Skye Boat Song' is a good example of a waltz. Waltzes are played in many countries but are also popular in Scotland. 

The waltz is a fairly slow dance with three beats in the bar and is danced by couples. If you have ever been to a ceilidh, you will know that the last dance of the evening is usually a waltz.

Other examples of waltzes include 'I Belong to Glasgow' and 'The Northern Lights of Old Aberdeen'. As waltzes are songs, it is quite common for people to sing the words whilst dancing.