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Journey Back To Arran


Mountains red in the morning light

And black as the blackbird’s wing

When the night falls and the moon lights up the String

There the heather’s in flower

And the eagle soars above

Far away on the island that I love


Journey back to Arran

Longing for my home

I’d go back tomorrow

I’d go on my own

I’ll be coming the long way round

I’ve been gone so long

I wanted you to listen to my song

You’re wild as any red deer

Or the white stag running free

And I wonder if you ever think of me

I’ll cross over the Firth of Clyde

Where the water is quiet and deep

It sparkles and shines, I can see it in my sleep

The boat will come into the harbour

And you’ll be just the same

And I know I won’t be sorry that I came

Gill says that she was talking with the class about the beautiful red hills of Arran on the String Road in the morning sun.

“We started to think about other things that are good about Arran, like the deer, the wildlife and the feeling of home. Everything we thought about built up a beautiful sweet song. But is it a song about coming back to Arran or coming back to someone you love?”

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