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Scots Sangs An Tunes Fur Schools

Traditional and new Scots songs and tunes
for use in Scottish schools - and everywhere else

Ma Maw Says 

[with I've A Laddie + One O'Clock]

Ma maw says ah've tae go

Wi ma daddie's dinner oh
Champit tatties, chewing steak
And a wee bit currant cake.

Ah came tae a river and ah couldnae get across
Ah paid five bob for a scabby auld horse
Ah jumped on its back, its bones gave a crack
And ah played ma fiddle till the boat came back.

The boat came back, we aa jumped in
The boat capsized and we aa fell in
Singin don't be weary, aye be cheery
Don't be weary cause we're aa gaun hame.