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Traditional and new Scots songs for use in Scottish schools

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There’s the chemist and the garage and the Day To Day Express
The Clansman and the Tavern where they go to have a rest
The chippy and the library, the clinic if ye’re ill
Post Cafe and Community shop, the paper shop as well


In The Model Village Plean
In The Model Village Plean
We’ll tell you what we’ve got here
In The Model Village Plean


President Kennedy Avenue sounds fine
They used tae call it Cadger’s Loan, you went there tae the mine  
Plean Pre Cast is up there now, and the Country Park
Ye must admit the big old house looks spooky in the dark


The smoke was rising like a cloud when our old school burnt down
The flames blazed, the roof fell in with a crashing sound
We had to move to Raploch first, then the TTV

A dozen portacabin huts, with grass and mud and trees


We settled in and did our best, and started feeling good

When we saw them build our new school, where the old one stood

It looked epic and ginormous, we were shocked and joyful

Fantabidozi, a brand new modern school

Then came the magic day when the school was done

We marched across to enter it, a piper played in front,

Spacious, bright and colourful, lots to do and see

A new adventure for us, and our community


We're grateful it's been made for us, the place feels just like home

A fine fancy building for us to learn and grow 

We're lucky to be back here, this place is cool

We are proud to call it OUR SCHOOL!

P6 work on 3rd Feb 

 You can see one on the moon banana

It’s crescent- shaped, not roon banana

We’d like to go there soon banana



Oh dear, Yuri Gagarin,

 You flew over Plean wi a pie fe your mammy,

It burst in your face like a pizza fe granny,

And then you had mince in your hair


by Cameron and Alec

As I stand here in Plean
watching the school burn to the ground
it is smoky as can be
as I am trying to see
as the brightly coloured flames burn
and dance in the night
they made the sky shine so bright

I hear the screaming fire engines
on this terrible night

Who is doing this, what does it mean?
Why are they burning the school down in Plean?

We got there to learn and play
Oh no, this is a terrible day



Picture from Jake 

Learning chorus of Collier Sweetheart


Plean school space machine
It’s roon the back an it can’t be seen
But we know it’s purple, yella an green
An made bi a man ca’d Wull

It’s made wi glass an rusty bars
That come frae rusty motor cars
But it’s good enough tae go tae the stars
Wi the man ca’d Wull

It’s awfy ecological
It’s run bi rottin vegtabuls
Ye throw them in in bucketfuls
Hurray fur the man ca’d Wull

Shirley MacCurl the Space Girl
Birls by and gies us a twirl
Cause her machine wis made as well
By the man ca’d Wull

Some fowk say his name is Billy
That’s no right, that’s just silly
We ken better, we ken really
That his name is Wull

Maybe he wis the jannie here
Maybe he’s Santa’s engineer
Whoever he is, gie three cheeers
For the man ca’d Wull

Plean school space machine
It’s roon the back an it can’t be seen
But we know it’s purple, yella an green
An made bi a man ca’d Wull





P5 work



Shovel the coal (x4)


Oompa Loompa shovel the coal

Makes your clothes as black as a mole

Oompa Loompa sweaty and hot

Like working in a boiling pot


Shovel the coal (x4)


Oompa Loompa bend your back

Look out for a spark attack

Oompa Loompa this is our doom

Wish we were all in the chocolate room


Shovel the coal (x4)


Oompa Loompa doop pa de doo

We’re the super shovelling crew (repeat quietly x2)


P7 Wee Wullie Wallace


Wee Wullie Wallace,

He wasnae very tall

And when it came to World War Two

He didnae fight at all.


He wanted to be a sailor

And shout 'torpedo ahoy'

But they sent him down Plean coal mine

To be a Bevan Boy



Down in a coal mine

Underneath the ground

Where a gleam of sunshine

Never can be found


Digging dusty diamonds

All season round

Down in a coal mine

Underneath the ground


He went into an iron cage

Hanging from a chain

It crashed and banged so much

He thought 'I’ll never come up again'.


When he reached the bottom

He asked what to do

But the # man said

'I havny got a clue'