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Red Yo-Yo

Wee Ann took her Yo Yo, tae school she did go, though

She shouldnae hae taen it at a'.

It fell frae her haun and it rolled on the grun

And it went through a hole in the wa


Did ye find a red Yo Yo, red Yo Yo, red Yo Yo

Did ye find a red Yo Yo, wi a wee yellow string?

The daring young Annie, she went tae the Janny

A decent wee man as a rule

It's pleasing to tell that he rang on his bell

And he asked every wean in the school

The weans left their pencils and papers and stencils

Tae knock on the doors all aroon

And as they were rapping and ringing and chapping

They asked a' the folk o the toon

The polis soon learned and they were concerned

They left a' their murders aside

The whole of the force was alerted of course

And they went on the telly and cried

All over the country, the common and gentry

Were watching their big TV screens

Things really got gaun some when President Johnson

Received an appeal frae the Queen

The wires were tremblin when he phoned the Kremlin

Tae ask aboot Annie's Yo Yo

But Kosygin agreed with the greatest of speed

'Sio phonyo orchen strativichen'

In Peking and Paris and a' roon the Barras

The people they searched high and low

Till finally Annie announced that her Granny

Had bought her another Yo Yo

Final Chorus

And it was a red Yo Yo, red Yo Yo, red Yo Yo

It was a red Yo Yo, wi a wee yellow string

One day Matt McGinn’s daughter came home from her Glasgow school to tell that she had lost a button somewhere in school. She had gone to the janitor, who had gone to the head teacher, who had asked over the school loudspeakers if anyone had found the button.

Matt sat down and wrote this song, but I do not know if his daughter ever got her button back.

When Tryst began to perform this song, they could not find a red yo yo to dangle at the end of the last verse, but they did find a green yo yo, that is why they changed one word at the end.