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The Laird Of Drumblair

The best known of fiddle master Scott Skinner’s many strathspey compositions.

The tune was composed by J Scott Skinner in honour of William McHardy, Laird of Drumblair near Huntly, who had given Skinner a rent-free cottage to live in. Skinner wrote that the tune “flashed into his head” one night. 

He composed it in the cottage, wrote it down on a piece of soap-paper and sent it to McHardy. McHardy responded with a thank-you cheque to Skinner every Christmas for the rest of his life.

Skinner wrote that “I jumped out of bed [looking for music manuscript paper]...but a search produced nothing better than a piece of soap paper, and on this I promptly dashed off 'The Laird o' Drumblair.' And the tune was dispatched as it had been written."

“Ye’re no’ gaun tae send that awfy-like paper tae the Laird,” protested his wife, “He’ll jist licht his pipe wi’ it!”

It was sent anyway.