Scots Sangs Fur Schools

Traditional and new Scots songs 
and tunes for use in Scottish schools

More songs for Small People

This section is specially made for use by nursery and P1-3 classes on school Smartboards, but anyone can use it at home. 

Click on a picture. When the page opens the song or tune will play. [It might take a few seconds]. If it does not, or if you want to play it again, click on the small triangle on the sound bar under the title at the top of the page.

To read song lyrics and accompanying actions select Words 



I've a Laddie In America


      Our Little Pigs

The World Must Be Coming to an End


Who'll Come in tae Ma Wee Ring?

 The One O'Clock Gun

Murder in the Chip Shop

When You See a Puddle                

Queen Mary Queen Mary

  Bonny Wee Barra

Fingers Mouth and Toes

Bananas are the Best

Coulter's Candy

I Think I Know a Man

1 2 3 My Grannie Went to Sea

Everywhere We Go